Friday, August 4, 2017

This week, our host is Melissa at Mel's Desk. To participate, look for the round-up placeholder post that will appear on Melissa's blog and on the Flannel Friday Facebook page by 10 pm Eastern time on Thursday. Simply comment on her placeholder post with a link to your Flannel Friday post. Make sure your post is up and a comment with your link appears on Melissa's blog before 10 pm Eastern time on FRIDAY!

Additionally, you can tweet a link to your post using the #flannelstorytime hashtag. This is a great way to promote Flannel Friday and your blog on Twitter.

Our goal is to make participation simple, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone -- thank you! 

Where in the world are you? 
We want to include you in our map! Please fill out the survey and we'll add you. You can read more about it on the So Tomorrow Blog . You do not need to list your city. If no city is given, we will place you in the capital of your state or country, as appropriate. You can see the results here.